Plotter Paper supplies is as exciting and ever changing as 1989 when we began offering single pen plotters with complete CAD systems holding our manual drafters hands navigating the new automated drafting world of choosing a computer, graphics card, hard drive, digitizer, and of course a plotter, all while they are trying to learn AutoCAD. With some reluctance and doubt the mandate to automate and produce to a fraction of hours it cost manually to compete or lose contracts became a clear theme heard from our clients across corporate and government. The evolution and far reaching capabilities of plotters today transcends applications unthinkable until recently.

Choosing your plotter paper supply vendor depends on cost, timeliness, and ability to quickly communicate. The intangible is a seasoned vendor with contacts directly that assures peace of mind with your product and security. We routinely research hard to locate products and supply technical specs to assist project requirements.

Online 15 years our daily mandate is we respect, cherish,  and protect our clients trust, support, and ease of credit card or purchase order transactions online, email, text, or for so many of you who still prefer to call us toll-free. We continue this intangible by offering the strongest roll core in the industry with removable end caps, protective poly liner, and clam style shipping carton.

Our product offerings reflect the diverse industries we serve with media for:

  • Wide format for inkjet monochrome and color printers and CAD plotters.
  • All CAD bonds, vellums, and films.
  • Premium heavyweight inkjet color paper, universal and microporous photo paper, clear inkjet film, clear cling film, backlit and reverse print inkjet film, canvas, polyethylene and polypropylene banner, scrim and tyvek vinyl, inkjet poster, erasable inkjet film.
  • Digital banner, bonds, and film media for kip color 80.
  • Latex and solvent/eco-solvent media for posters, billboards, wall coverings, pvc banner, fabric banner, solvent blackout and backlit films, vinyl, and canvas.
  • Banner signage and display.
  • Banner display stands
  • Adhesive vinyl and pressure sensitive films.
  • Foamboard and mounting boards.
  • Pouch boards.
  • Our xerographic media includes bonds, recycled bond, presentation bond, tinted bond, translucent bond, vellum, and Mylar film.
  • 100% compatible OCE and Xerox toner.
  • Our blueline includes fast and ultra-fast speeds.
  • For the manual drafters we offer.
  • Herculene drafting film.
  • Crystalene drafting vellum.

Most of our products are available on the web with slight cost differences. There are only a handful of plotter paper media converting companies in the United States with many off shore. Online plotter paper vendors provide products from the same sources of distributors even though they may have a different brand name.

What distinguishes our core CAD, film, and photo plotter paper media is they are produced with better construction than most other online vendors you can find and quickly turn around from our converter directly to you eliminating most plotter paper converters business model of factory production to a national distributor where it is inventoried, shelved, and then pulled and shipped to you.
We do purchase order and government issued credit business with many branches of the federal government, county governments, all military branches, schools, colleges and universities around the United States.

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